M.T. Tagrol Method is an original system of self-healing and therapeutic complement created by Mercedes Udaeta based on the Buddhist tradition Tagdrol «liberation by contact with sacred objects».
It is presented in the form of Packs, which contain 7 elements that are applied to the chakras. Each pack of Tagdrol is created with a different combination of elements and can contain more than 100 different texts.
The powdered substances come from monasteries, initiations, rituals, sacred places and the generosity of Masters who have given me relics and all kinds of blessed objects.
They have the quality of awakening in us our highest energies and our highest potentials, asleep under layers of memories of pain and limitation.

You can experience in a single session this powerful method that I combine with healing on two levels: the deepest that cures the general karma that has brought you to this life and the superficial karma: your energy here and now on a physical, emotional and mental level. Duration 1 hour and a half, price 65 euros. (I recommend two sessions a month combined with the daily use of Tagdrols at home) The process is progressing with great results.
These two levels are diagnosed and treated with extraordinary physical and spiritual results.