Eliminate suffering and be happy is possible by untying the karmic knots
I invite you to learn the golden teachings that easily lead to liberation. Mercedes udaeta

The Tagdrol Method is an ancestral system that combines self-observation and the elimination of pain, in an original and effective way. A process to cultivate virtue and create future happiness. The result is well-being, conscience and heart. For this we will combine the self-investigation of the mind, the control of energy and the use of the wonderful Tagdrol.

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Find out more about the Tagdrol world and about healing.

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Sounds of wisdom

The Tagdrol of listening, classical Buddhist texts recorded on a musical basis. An experience to open consciousness and free ourselves simply by listening


New course:
The data of process 2 and what ties us to our parents

In this new course you will learn your data from process 2, your life mission and a new topic, what unites you with your parents. We will see the obstacles, the resistances and how to overcome them.

Spanish Interview: meeting with Mercedes Udaeta

Gain power, manage your energy

Open the heart from within

Transform suffering and be happy

Overcome abandonment

how to be a successful therapist

Overcome your limitations

Interview with Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Heal your sexuality

Testimonials: wonderful experiences of students and

practitioners of the Tagdrol Method

Teresa Barredo

Caretaker and healer

Taking the course opened me to other levels of consciousness, I will repeat it. Using the Tagdrols daily empties me of negativity and I feel peace.

Anna Coelho


For me it has become an essential tool to heal at home. My family has already gotten used to seeing me with the Tagdrol tie at home, now it is very natural.

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