Individual therapy

More well-being, awareness, clarity, liberation,
inner peace, connection, more vitality,
more health

These will be some of the things that you will take with you when you do your first Tagdrol session with Mercedes or any of her collaborators.

What is a session?

When you start a session, you explain to me what your needs and obstacles are, current or past. Together we will establish priorities and begin to map out the PROGRAM. This is what you will work with at home with your Tagdrol packs for the specified period, then you will lie down comfortably and apply your Tagdrol tie.
I will proceed to read you your ENCARMATION CHANNEL, this consists of a drawing where your obstacles and potentials will rebel.
This drawing will be sent to you by WhatsApp with a recorded explanation of it so that you can save and reproduce at any time.


Next, I will proceed to perform the two types of healing, which are the usual Tagdrol protocol. The first is the REPAIR AND RECONNECTION of your channel (this is the deepest version) and then we will go on to diagnose and treat what we call the BODIES OF THE MOMENT, the physical, emotional, mental and astral level. This part will give us information on how you are at a more superficial level.
These two healings can give us information to complete your PROGRAM.


After the session, you will proceed to work daily until the next session, with the program written on a written paper that will be inserted into the folder inside. This daily work, with the program and the Tagdrols, will help to eliminate layers: pain, emotions, concepts… So that in the next session what is underneath can already be revealed.


In the Tagdrol Method, the word PROCESS is crucial.

Everything important is revealed through an ongoing process, the greatest potentials and obstacles.


We normally work one session a month. Well, the person works every day. But in specific cases such as depression or pathologies, we will do one session per week until the improvement appears.