Course 2 classes Basic TAGDROL – Online


Basic TAGDRÖL Method

The Basic Course of the Tagdrol Method is the first two classes of the Tagdrol Method Course and helps you understand the root causes of what causes you suffering, you learn to understand and use the Tagdrol.

Class 2, the checking, will help you start making programs to use the Tagdrol and you will be able to recognize which patterns, emotions and concepts move each time you experience a painful situation.


Course 2 classes Basic TAGDROL Method includes:

Class 1 the root of suffering

Class 2 checking

The 6 basic packs:

Love yourself

Obstacles in healing

Attachment to suffering (I confirm my existence with suffering)

Orange Pack

Connect with the essence

Lack of self-recognition

Tie, pendulum

General dossier

Link of the Audio listening Tagdrol: The Great Way of Awakening and The Treasure of the Heart of the Enlightened

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