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Próximamente fechas nuevo curso 12 clases



The Tagdröl course consists of 12 classes. The first 8 train to learn how to use the Tagdrol, heal, check and know what a gradual process of liberation is and how to carry it out. These first 8 classes form the introductory or basic course. The following classes deepen and learn to define and heal blockages, traumas and diseases of various origins (karmic, unconscious, spiritual, etc.).
During the complete course of 12 classes it is recommended to receive sessions of Tagdrol from the second month, with the purpose of having the experience of what is a process. The aim of the course is that at the end of it, the habit of living has been created by doing a self-healing process.

Includes 12 packs of Tagdrol
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Dates new course 12 classes

Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with a 20-minute cut.


Class 1 – Introduction
– The root of the disease
– Karma, causes and conditions
– What is activation: how the experience of happiness and suffering manifests
– Where the negative causes and pain memory are deposited
– The central reservoir channel of all karmic flow
– The role of the therapist: how to become a condition to awaken the direction of true liberation, clarify our objective and responsibility
– Introduction to Tagdrol as and why they heal high frequencies, sacred objects and prayer.
– Introduction to the anatomy of subtle bodies

Class 2- Check
– Therapeutic check-up and self-check
– Learn to locate the structures, pain memories, concepts and emotions that will then proceed to empty
– The substance and size of the memories.
– How to make a “program” of emptying for the session of the moment and for the work at home of the patients.
– Practices and explanation of tagdrol packs, what they are for and examples of using them.
– Learn to get out of a situation of pain or stress looking for structures that move or wake up.
– The check to remove obstacles, to make programs, to unmask the unconscious, to find roots of pathologies, to see the negative trends that we must change and to reconnect.

Class 3 – Bodies of the moment
– Spiritual healing about the energy of the moment
– Explanation of the subtle bodies and chakras, their functions, potentials and blockages Initiation to angelic energy, opening of the hand chakras.
– Learn to feel the channel
– How to diagnose and interpret the state of the physical body, emotions, mental state and memories of other lives in the astral field
– How to treat blockages and restore energy flow
Energies with which we heal: Kalachacra, the Buddha of medicine, angels and archangels, the light of the soul, the energy of mastery, the violet flame, Sirius and the person’s guides

Class 4 – Process Data-
The data of the process: the precious, the masculine and feminine of the precious, the worst, the best, obstacles to enlightenment, the dark, the potential, the purpose, the enemy, the points of light, the gifts of each.
– All the information we need from our patients and ourselves
– How to cure with this information and how to apply it to therapies.

Class 5 – Traumas
– Diagnose trauma
– Learn to locate the situations that created them, the determinations that the patient took and how he carried them out
– We will locate our own trauma, its intensity and the number of sessions with which it is emptied.
– Examples of real patient processes; the structure of a process

Class 6 – Seeds of Light-
The update of the old positive karma to support the current process.
– Through different visualizations and work with deities we will fill our positive energy channel that will facilitate the entire process
– We will work with love, compassion, healing, action, connection to the earth, obstacles to the spiritual path and enlightenment


Class 7 – Incarnation Channel
– Incarnation channel reading
– Description of the channel and subtle bodies
– Explanation of how to read the incarnation channel and how to interpret it
– Practice to repair the deficiencies and enhance resources of the channel until its full development
– This masterful method consists of reading and drawing the background of the process, the Karma that has brought you to this life and the resources you have, the drawing shows the blockages cuts, protection mechanisms and gaps that make us live life as we live it: It shows the background of the process, our capabilities and our limitations, our happiness and our suffering, just seeing it produces great healing and understanding of oneself, both for the patient and for the therapist.
– After healing is applied to it and this causes the deep process of release to begin, it also gives us a lot of information about the patient.

Class 8 – Death Mandates
– How to detect and treat a “death mandate” very common blockade in patients with diseases and pathologies

Class 9 – Implants
– How to diagnose and remove implants
– Powerful method to find determinations created in other lives, to prevent them from repeating in this one for example when we feel that we have a great obstacle in teaching, being parents, healing, earning money, having a partner or sexuality etc.
– In many occasions they are causes of pathologies.

Class 10 – The Unconscious
– The unconscious:
– The energy direction
– The right direction: motivation
– Work the unconscious in layers
We will look at our own unconscious before the therapeutic practice, patients, money, regularity at work, value, delivery, motivation. Learn to unmask the unconscious to find deep structures to empty

Class 11 – Maps
– Deep diagnosis that in addition to finding the structures, concepts, emotions and pain memories, introduces people, places, teachers, times, beings of light, etc.

Class 12 – External interference
– Study on beings that live in different levels of existence and treatment to undo the karmic knots that connect us to them.

* Classes will be paid even if you do not attend. And the dates are subject to variations according to the needs of the center.


o be a therapist of the Tagdrol Method it is necessary:

1. Receive the full course 3 times: the second time half of the course will be paid (Face-to-face: 450 euros, Online: € 350) and the third time less than half (Face-to-face: 350 euros, On-line: 250 €). The amount will be paid before the start of the course.

2. Having carried out a personal therapy process (minimum of 40 sessions of MT Tagdrol with an authorized therapist) in the case of never having performed any type of therapy.

3. Receive the specific module for therapists (which teaches work protocols to carry out a process and reviews the personal and general obstacles that being a therapist entails) 1 class.

4. Practices: 40 treatments for patients, family and friends to gain experience and establish the method. Treatments that must be recorded in notes or follow-up notebook. The practices will be reviewed in four group supervisions

After this process, the student is trained as a Tagdröl Method Therapist.