Session with Mercedes


A session with Mercedes is not just therapy. It is a monthly experience of 1h and a half with € 100 participation from the patient. In addition, you will take great value with the mental tasks of transformation, purification and the orderly accumulation of positivism.

For the first session we recommend purchasing (So you can use it in your session):
6 Packs of Tagdröl + tie (€ 85 apart from the session)



In a Tagdröl session with Mercedes the first thing is to listen to you, where feelings, obstacles, emotions and concepts are shared in relation to situations or in general.
Once the first contact is made …
We go to the practical session, where we will place ourselves on a stretcher and the Tagdröl will be applied. In the background, you can listen to an audio of liberation through listening. It is at this moment when Mercedes performs the reading of the Reincarnation Channel, which is the basic information of the person’s Karma, she draws it and works in Deep Healing on it. At the end of this section, Mercedes goes on to do the healing of the Bodies of the Moment, which is the work on the most superficial energy at the etheric, emotional, mental and astral levels. They are diagnosed, repaired and loaded.

The whole session is a great renewal, more energy, less fatigue and more connection.

At the end of the session, the program to use the Tagdröl will be carried out for a month until the next session.