Mercedes Udaeta

Expert in transforming lives

I started my journey searching, my interest in the whys of life has led me to create an original method that combines depth with effectiveness. Tagdrol Method is the result of an intense and joyful internal process, many retreats, years of teachings from great masters such as the Dalai Lama and above all the accompaniment of more than a thousand patients and students. The observation of the mind is the key to get out of many problems, I would say almost all of them !!!!!

Healer, spiritual mentor and transformer of obstacles in well-being.
She with more than 40 years of experience in healing, Buddhism and meditation.
A more spiritual vision of things helps your life, relationships, business and family go much better, being spiritual is not retiring or praying, it is having a higher and deeper vision.
I want to share with you this beautiful world full of surprises and good vibes !!!

My therapies

One of my missions is to heal others through my individual therapies with Tagdrol and ancient relics combined with healing and self-investigation.
Experience more well-being, awareness, clarity, liberation, inner peace, connection, more vitality and more health


I leave you with some of my tips to generate good energy and improve your life

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