Creator and Trainer of the Tagdrol Method

I began my journey looking for, my interest in the whys of life have led to create an original method that combines the profound with the effectiveness. The Tagdrol Method is the result of an intense and blissful internal process, many retreats, years of teachings of great masters such as the Dalai Lama and especially the accompaniment of more than a thousand patients and students. The observation of the mind is the key to get out of many problems; I would say almost all of them!!!!!

This is my experience and the experience of the people that practice and use Tagdrol.

A more spiritual vision of things helps that your life, relationships, business and family go much better, being spiritual is not retiring or praying, it is having a higher and deeper vision. I want to share this beautiful world full of surprises and good vibrations!!

You will share with me a synthesis of everything I have learned but above all everything that I apply on me and my students with such success!! Welcome to my world! Before it was grey now it is full of light, joy and connected action!!