Diagnosis and healing course


In this course you will find everything you need to be self-sufficient, heal yourself, and heal others. The essence of the tagdrol method

You’ll learn

From the FIRST DAY you can start to heal with the Tagdrol.
In this course you will learn to:
– Get the most out of your inner Potential
– Discover, analyze and heal your memories of pain
– Overcome your obstacles
– Connect with your inner self and be happier !!


What includes?

The course includes:

  • 15 live classes per zoom,
  • with a special Facebook program,
  • 10 Tagdrol packs
  • and at the end of it all you will get an accreditation diploma.


You’re still time to sign up!
The classes already done, you have them in the private facebook group to see them.

We start on February 12.
With new live schedules. Now from 18:30 to 20h.

Start 12

  • February: 18, 25
  • March: 4, 11, 18, 25
  • April: 8, 15, 22, 29
  • May: 6, 13, 20, 27
  • June: 3 10, 17, 24


Control your energy !! You will be more powerful and happy !!
With an excellent diagnosis, the Tagdrols and the healing you will achieve a radical change in your life and you will be able to help many people!

Class 1

The potential for inner happiness.
Origin of happiness and suffering
Causes and conditions, the most valuable secret.
The law of cause and effect.


Class 2

Introduction to the subtle bodies.
How and where are karmic seeds kept and how the results are manifested


Class 3

Diagnosis through pendulum, mala or kinesiology.
Origin and philosophy of the checkup connected with the essence.
The inner connection a tool that will change your life.


Class 4

Diagnostic practices and preparation of curative programs
The use of the structure list and intuitive checking
The perfect questions that lead to success.


Class 5

Examples of cases and programs
What is a process.
The check for the direction of the process.
The check for the adversities of the moment.

Class 6

What are the Tagdrol.
Origin: The Buddhist Baths
Use and application of the packs



Class 7

Healing. Work with energy
Energetic bodies, chakras and channels.
Begin to feel the energy with your hands and your mind.
Open ourselves to the subtle world.


Class 8

Feel the channel, read it and practice healing.
The energy diagnosis.
Work with Buddhas and Angels, being their channel.


Class 9

Healing practices and examples.
Karmic Precipitation
Diagnose and stop a disease on the way.


Class 10

Diagnose and empty the «Great memories of pain»
The themes of the suprastral, many lives repeating patterns, solve them to elevate us and be happy.

Class 11

The process data; What I’m good at and where my obstacles lie.
Everything you need to know about yourself and your patient.


Class 12

Activate the light seeds.
Positive causes, how to create merit.
The importance of merit in the process and in curing diseases.


Class 13

Channel of Incarnation: The Gold Diagnosis
A unique system to «SEE» your patient or yourself, blocks, deficiencies and basic karmic potentials.
The «background» of the process.
Learn to feel and interpret it.


Class 14

Incarnation Channel Healing.
Powerful technique to undo the deepest karmic knots of the channel and remind you of your true enlightened paths.
The most subtle energies circulating correctly.

Class 15

Examples of processes and sessions.
Work on the chakras and repair of energy breaks.
Motivation and dedication.


Class 16

What are they, how to find them
Diagnosis and emptying.


Class 17

Examples of trauma


Class 18

How to unmask unconscious patterns to name and empty them



The perfect course to believe in yourself again, to heal yourself and overcome all present and future obstacles.

Book before January 15 and take the course for free
Born to abundance

Single payment

It includes:

18 classes of the Tagdrol Method
Facebook private group
Live Zooms
10 packs of Tagdrol

3 packs of Tagdrol of Abundance

Fractional payment

It includes:

15 classes of the Tagdrol Method
Facebook private group
Live Zooms
10 packs of Tagdrol

Pay it in easy installments
€ 230 entry + 100 the following months

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