Real testimonies of users of the Tagdrol Method

The Tagdrol Method has helped me establish a clear direction to carry out my personal projects. It has been an experience of personal growth that has allowed me to have control of my life, without blaming the other, or the circumstances of any unpleasant situation.

Mercedes Udaeta has an amazing ability to transmit her knowledge in each class of the course, making everything acquire a deep sense.

For me, Tagdrols are tools that help to erase memories of pain. They are a real treasure.

Marysol Ajmad

Doctor in medicine

“I have known Mercedes and the Tagdrol Method for nineteen years, first as a student of her workshops and patient and later as a collaborator. I have studied psychology and different psychotherapeutic formations, and Mercedes’ approach has such depth and relevance that it has made me choose it as the main method to transform my blockages and the roots of thoughts that have brought more suffering to my life and, in addition to art therapy, is the method that I use in consultation.

What to highlight about the method?

-Go to the root causes that make us suffer and perpetuate suffering, it allows you to be aware of them and eliminate them.

-It has a deep connection with a philosophy (Buddhism) that wishes happiness for oneself and others and that contributes to humanity techniques and practicable ways for it.

– It is the result of the professional training of Mercedes for many years, of her self-confidence and generosity, guided and supported by the most inspiring and relevant teachers that currently exist.

With a single session you already experience the benefits of this approach and work.

Carolina Conti

Therapist Combines Tagdrol Method and Art Therapy

Doing the course opened me to other levels of consciousness I will repeat it. Using the Tagdrols every day empties me of negativity and I feel peace.


Teresa Barredo

Caregiver and healer

I find the Tagdröl Method a very effective method of healing since it does not allow fissures between the mind and the essence, so there is no way how not to go to the objective and in an objective way. The course is very complete in terms of information (organized and clear) and practical exercises.



Thanks to the Tagdrol Method I am able to go forward despite the circumstances. I have become aware that everything can be carried with less burden. It is learning a method that changes you forever the way you look at others and at yourself. With more love, respect and wisdom, it means more happiness with what you already have in your life.


Testimony courses

For me it has become an essential tool to do healing at home. My family has already gotten used to seeing me with the Tagdrol’s tie at home, now it’s very natural.


Anna Coelho

Testimony Tagdrol