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The book is about how I, Mercedes, the author, discovered through my own process of awakening the power of sacred objects, I explain the importance of subjugating the mind and offer a practical explanation of the use of the Tagdrol as a method of self-healing.

Liberation through contact with sacred objects.

In this book, Mercedes Udaeta tells how, through carrying out his own process of awakening and intense research, he found this treasure based on ancient traditions: the Tagdrol lineage.

Everything around us affects us, both negative and positive. Putting Tagdrol in your life awakens luminous and potential aspects that are covered with pain and negative emotions.

This self-healing method combines depth with the simplicity of its application. An extraordinary tool for those who want to move forward and free themselves from suffering, regardless of philosophical beliefs.

Happiness and suffering depend on your mind, Tagdrol will help you carry out this process of self-knowledge.